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PVR Talkies | Aurangabad

PVR Talkies is the budget brand subsidiary of PVR Cinemas. Spread over 45,000 sq. ft., this three screen multiplex has been designed with a tilted curvature in the spacious central lobby.
The tilted curve imparts a dramatic feel to the lobby, while niches made in the curve have been painted red, to convey a sense of depth. Niches have been made along the walls of this curve as well, acting as pockets of seating and providing additional concession kiosks.
A warm color spectrum ranging from yellow to red has been used to design the entire multiplex, ranging from the walls to the lobby as well as the theaters. This color scheme is reflective of the vibrant regional clothing style as well as the theatrics of Bollywood movies in general.
Due to the nature of this project, colors were pre dominantly used throughout the facade and interiors to give the structure character and appeal.
In order to reduce costs and allow the project to retain its regional identity, the theater has been designed using only locally available materials.