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PVR Cinema | Surat

Located at Dumas Road in Surat, the Rahul Raj mall is home to the largest multiplex in Gujarat by PVR Cinemas. Consisting of eight screens and over 1700 seats, this multiplex offers a premier movie watching experience never before seen in the city. The multiplex has been designed in the most distinctive manner keeping in mind the uniqueness and identity of the city. The city has a rich diamond trading industry and heritage, hence the entire artistic process is based on the meditation of diamonds as powerful symbols of inner force and the external expression of inner light and enlightenment.
The main attraction in the multiplex is the Chandelier of the Cinema Gems which acts as the central diamond and the focal point of the spacious lobby. The different hued panels uniting to form the chandelier, comprise of iconic movie characters and screens, further emphasizes the cinematic vibe.
The ceiling of the multiplex is designed most creatively in geometric patterns resembling bursting rays of light radiating from the central chandelier, illuminating the grand, spacious lobby.
The manner and execution of the radiating ceiling pattern also contributes to the dissipation and dissolution of the structural height difference inherent with in the foyer, creating the illusion of a much larger and expanding space.
A warm color scheme comprising of yellow is employed in the toilets. The symbolism of the diamonds can be seen in the mirror, reflective of the different cuts of diamonds.